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In Mexico, maquiladoras pay a daily wage of at least eight dollars, nearly twice the official minimum wage. In Central America, monthly pay may reach between and dollars, for example at a Costa Rican electronics assembly factory for the U. In Honduras, the labour rights situation appears to have deteriorated since the Jun. Alternatives to the exploitative practices of the maquiladoras have sprung up, like the Dignidad y Justicia Dignity and Justice factory in Piedras Negras, in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila.

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This cooperative was founded in by a group of women who had been fired from maquiladoras in the area. The business is jointly owned by its workers, the non-governmental Border Committee of Women Workers, and the U. Labels: América Central , Maquilas Mundo. Lucha Obrera en Maquiladora Pacifico. Desde el pasado jueves se dieron cuenta de que algo extraño pasaba en la empresa y este viernes decidieron manifestarse saliendo de las instalaciones, pero sin dejar que los propietarios saquen la maquinaria y el equipo. Se trata de una empresa que fabrica puntas para lanzas, y uno de los empleados, Socorro Urías, explicó que desde hace una semana dejaron de trabajar, al parecer los directivos sólo les dijeron que no había producción.

Los empleados manifestaron que hay abogados tratando la situación y negociando; lo que esperan es que la empresa no intente evadir sus obligaciones y se vaya sin pagar las liquidaciones correspondientes. No comments:. Labels: Maquilas Tijuana. Maquiladora Sony Tijuana, June TIJUANA — After months of layoffs and losses in the maquiladora industry, Baja California officials are celebrating the announcement this week that Sony is adding 1, positions to its work force in Tijuana, hailing it as a hopeful sign of the sector's recovery.

Sony's decision to expand in Tijuana follows the company's announcement last month that it is shutting down an LCD television manufacturing plant in Mexicali, one of five Sony factories being shuttered worldwide. Alfonso Alvarez Juan, Baja California's subsecretary for economic development, said Wednesday that the investments are signs of recovery in the city's maquiladora sector, which has struggled with a drop in U.

Sony's expansion in Tijuana is the result of moving operations from the Mexicali plant and another closed facility in Pittsburgh to Tijuana, Alvarez said.

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A spokeswoman for Sony in San Diego said company officials would not be available for interviews this week. Sony officials have told Mexican media that the remaining workers at the Mexicali plant, which had more than 2, employees in , will be gradually laid off through September.

Sony, one of the largest maquiladora operators in Tijuana, had 7, workers there in , according to the state of Baja California's economic development secretariat. Labels: Industria Maquiladora , Maquilas Tijuana.

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Mexican Labor Hits the Streets. Maquiladoras Labor Hits the Streets as the Clock Ticks to November 12, Labor News In the week leading up to the 99th anniversary celebration of the Mexican Revolution, workers across Mexico took to the streets. Laid off from the US-based auto parts company earlier this year, the workers contended that they had not received severance pay in accordance with Mexican law.

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To the southwest of Reynosa, in the industrial city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, about one hundred transit cops occupied department headquarters in protest of firings for alleged corruption and drug use. By far, though, the biggest mobilizations, stretching from Chiapas on the border with Guatemala to Chihuahua bordering Texas and New Mexico, were held November 11 in support of 44, Mexico City-area utility company employees sacked from their jobs by presidential decree last month.

In a one-day work stoppage, unions representing electricians, mineworkers, teachers and telephone workers joined with small farm, popular and student organizations to oppose the firings and restructuring of the publicly-owned Central Light and Power LFC company. Almost reminiscent of the Villista and Zapatista convergence on Mexico City nearly years ago, tens of thousands of people streamed into the capital city's Zocalo Plaza from all directions to hear speakers support the Mexican Electrical Workers SME union representing the fired employees and call for a national strike.

It's time for the people to organize," Esparza declared, adding that a new national pact and the peaceful recovery of power by the people was needed. Actions in support of the SME were held in at least 22 states. In Chiapas, grievances also included recently approved tax hikes and the detention of farmer leaders accused of having links with armed groups. In central Mexico, highway blockades led to crack-downs by the Federal Police, while in Oaxaca, an estimated 70, school teachers stayed off the job. In the north, hundreds of telephone workers, Labor Party members and social activists conducted various public marches in Chihuahua City and Ciudad Juarez, where marchers braved the border city's violent streets and even held a torch-lit procession through the city's downtown.

Eduardo Gonzalez Perales, secretary of the Ciudad Juarez branch of the telephone workers union, called for the restitution of the SME's collective bargaining agreement and an end to a "business attitude" towards unions in the country. Considering that the LFC company only serves customers in and around Mexico City, the breadth of support for the November 11 protest was significant. The LFC issue has stirred widespread controversy in Mexico. Some polls claim a majority of Mexicans support the Calderon administration's move against what is portrayed as a corrupt union hindering the economic progress of the nation.

On the Internet, many writers back the government's action against the allegedly overpaid, lazy union workforce, while yet others strongly support the SME's stance that the federal government should keep its hands off the LFC and its workers. In comments about the protest, Senator Gustavo Madero, coordinator of President Calderon's PAN party in the Mexican Senate, said unions have a right to meet and speak out just as priests can also "call people to mass. Increasingly, Mexican labor struggles are receiving cross-border support from US and other international unions.

While on the border, the UAW members held public demonstrations at the Hidalgo-Reynosa international crossing and later briefly blocked traffic at another bridge connecting Brownsville with Matamoros. Articles by correspondents and Notimex. El Diario de Juarez, November 12, El Universal, November 11, Article by Sain Mandujano. Article by Sean Gaffney. Brownsville Herald, October 6, Article by Jazmine Ulloa.

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Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras, October 2, Press release. Do Maquiladoras Herald Economic Recovery? Almost like shakes before the quake, changes in the production dynamic of border assembly plants can signal shifts in the economic landscape. Intimately tied to the US and global markets, the state of the maquiladora industry is frequently an indicator of things to come.

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For example, the downturn in maquila employment at the end of and the beginning of preceded the economic crisis that shattered the world some months later. In Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, employment in the mainly foreign-owned factories dropped from , workers in January to , in September The 78, lost factory jobs accounted for a huge chunk of the 89, jobs that vanished in the border city during the same period, according to numbers from the Mexican Social Security Institute cited by the Maquiladora Association of Ciudad Juarez AMAC.

Apart from the world recession, Ciudad Juarez has experienced an undetermined amount of job losses because of the rampant insecurity plaguing the city. Benjamin Ojeda Flores, commerce director for the Chihuahua State Secretariat of Commercial and Tourism Development, said an estimated 3,, businesses have shuttered their doors in Ciudad Juarez as a consequence of the twin-headed crisis. A local newspaper recently reported the stories of two men who said they lost their livelihoods due to the kidnappings of employers. In its most recent report, INEGI calculated that slightly more than one million jobs vanished in all of Mexico, a country of more than million, from September to September But some industry observers and Ciudad Juarez officials now say the worst of the economic crisis in their bellwether city is over, as more and more signs of recovery appear.

According to AMAC, the industry recovered at least 4, jobs during the third quarter of Spread around at least 32 maquiladoras, many of the jobs were in the key electronics, auto and medical sectors. As many as two thousand additional jobs are expected to open up in Ciudad Juarez by year's end. The Electrolux jobs, for instance, consist of positions that will be moved from company plants currently located in the Iowa towns of Webster City and Jefferson.

The move provoked anger among Iowa employees and residents. On a related note, Alvaro Navarro Garate, director of financing promotion for the Ciudad Juarez municipal government, said an announcement will be made soon about a so-far unnamed Mexican-owned company that plans to move part of its production operations from the interior of the country to the border. Sources: Lapolaka. Norte, October 23 and 26, Articles by Antonio Rebolledo and Jesus Batista.

El Diario de El Paso, October 24 and 25, Article by Jason Pulliam.

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October 21, The Messenger, February 17, TRW Workers Nov 12 Honesta, responsable, independiente. Elo43 46 años - 1. Siempre mente positiva.. Ser feliz es mi Hola soy una persona trabajadora, honesta, sensible, me gusta el deporte, ir al cine, sobre todo Diosalatigresa 66 años - 1. Una mujer cariñosa busca un hombre alegr Soy una persona muy ogareña muy alegre muy amorasa no me gusta que me mientan y me gusta mucho l Bebitamia 45 años - 1.

En aquel primer período del NSJP, dos homicidas fueron procesados y sentenciados en Tecate, durante el tiempo que duró el juicio los testigos fueron llevados y resguardados en una dirección desconocida en Mexicali. En Tijuana, ciudad donde ocurren el De acuerdo al registro de incidencia de la Secretaria de Seguridad Estatal de Baja California entre el 18 de junio de y el 28 de mayo de se han cometido en el estado 6 mil homicidios violentos.

Foto: Cuartoscuro. El arma usada para quitarle la vida a la joven resultó positiva en otras siete carpetas. Este mayo de este hombre adicto había declarado como testigo en la muerte de Aidé Fierro Castro, lideresa del Partido Revolucionario Institucional PRI , asesinada y calcinada en diciembre de junto con sus dos hijas de 15 y 10 años.

Dijo que otros adictos del fraccionamiento El Niño habían señalado como responsables a cuatro narcomenudistas conocidos en la colonia: 'El Marisquero', 'El Miguelillo', 'El Gestos' y 'El Max'.

Eso sucedió el 11 de noviembre de En una fila de reconocimiento con 5 sujetos, realizada el 17 de febrero de , Acero reconoció a Héctor Jovani Jiménez Romero como el asesino. En noviembre de , Luis Piña Rodríguez decidió declarar respecto al asesinato de su amigo, Kevin Omar Miramontes ocurrido el 9 de octubre de cuando circulaba como acompañante a bordo de un Jeep Compass modelo reciente en la colonia Jardines de las Cruces.

Al mediodía del 12 de diciembre de , otro reporte policíaco indica que dos hombres, a bordo de una camioneta Chrysler, fueron baleados en la gasolinera ubicada en el kilómetro 7 de la carretera libre Tijuana Ensenada, en la colonia Tejamen de la delegación San Antonio de Los Buenos. Uno quedó muerto en la escena y se trata precisamente de Luis Piña Rodríguez. Su compañero de viaje Eduardo Castillo Verduzco se reportó en calidad de lesionado.

En la integración del expediente salió a relucir un informe policíaco homologado del 30 de octubre de en la cual Peña aparece como víctima lesionada a balazos y señala directamente a Miguel Ramírez Peña 'El Tabaco', como su agresor. Los antecedentes delictivos de los sujetos implicados en los cinco expedientes mencionados, son por robo de vehículo, robo a casa habitación, lesiones, y violencia intrafamiliar en Tijuana y Ensenada.

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